Amnesty short story competition

Amnesty short story competition

Borders have never been more fiercely debated, defended, contested, climbed over, tunnelled under, drawn and redrawn than they are today. So there is no better time or place for a short story competition on that theme than right here and now.

So if you have an idea, a spark, an image for a short story that has something to with borders, then start writing, and send in your story.

I’m delighted to say that I’m going to be judging Amnesty International York’s short story competition on the subject of Borders. And since my forthcoming novel, Outwalkers, deals with exactly this subject in its own particular fictional world, it’s going to be fascinating for me, reading other people’s stories on the subject.

The competition is for original, unpublished, fictional short stories written in English of up to 1700 words. The story can be set in any place or time.

Entries are anonymous, so anyone can submit. £5.00 payment per entry.

The deadline is 10 December 2017 (Human Rights Day).

So get writing.